animated series, adventure, comedy

The science rulez!

"In a world where magic is inexpensive and reliable, an alchemist and his monkey apprentice decide to become pure scientists."

It is a comedy - Imagine a very educated scientist treating a monkey like an equal in a laboratory full of dangerous substances.

It is an adventure - Their job is dangerous enough, still nothing can compare to what lies outside their lab.


Friends, Equals, Competitors.

ARISTOTLE is very educated. He knows chemistry, astronomy, quantum mechanics, drawing, music, almost everything about science and arts but nothing about human relations. He knows some french words like mademoiselle and je m'appelle. He has a soft character, still his knowledge makes him feel proud. He won't accept being called a mage or an alchemist because he dedicated his life to scientific research. The only person who understands him is his apprentice. Like most scientists, his behaviour is quite strange.

MAGNUS, the monkey.
He loves powerful reactive substances, especially explosives. He has a strong personality. He doesn't like being called a “pet”. He will accept to be called apprentice but it’s much safer to use "Devoted Scientist".

"you're my apprentice... take notes, raise your hand... don't touch anything.

electricity, Magnus... this is the future!

calm down, you... little scientist

don't touch me you lousy pet!

forgive me Magnus, you're not a pet... we're both devoted scientist

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