animated feature, comedy, adventure

"Soon after the humans left the planet, some other species begun an Earth domination fight."

reference: Fermi Paradox, Ancient Astronauts theory, Meaning of Nasca lines, UFO fenomenon, Evolution theory

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"Was it a cataclysm or a fancy human experiment, nobody remembers why the humans left the planet. The fact is that Earth now is called The Reservation and is populated with new intelligent earth species. Brut is one of them. He doesn't care about human fairy tales and neither about these damn flying saucers and alien hunters because his meat is bitter and soon his spikes will harden. He’s banished, his problems are big enough. He needs a shelter first, then maybe he will help with this alien issue."

BRUT has bitter meat, like all of his kind. Because of their bad taste they are reckless and can do anything without fear to be hunted. Brut is young and his hair is still soft but with age he will grow some nice spikes for even better protection. Brut gets kicked out of his village because of his "bad teenage behaviour". In his adventure he will show a good survival spirit, some brains and a pleasure to kick buts, but his disobedience will prove to be his most valuable feature.

PUFF is a well educated guy. His ears are the biggest among his people. He is the kindest person Brut has ever met. Unfortunately, he is fearful and in a crisis situation, he’s no good. However, his conversations are interesting because he knows many things about the Ancient Humans.

FLUFFIES. There are two known evolved species, Bittermeats and Fluffies. Fluffies are preserving Humans knowledge and have a great respect for them. They wait for the humans to come back and reunite everyone in a big civilised family. They draw Nazca lines and try to build a powerful enough antenna to send messages to humans. They wear collars with transmitters, they have a big stock of such tracking devices and it’s an old tradition to attach it to any fluffy newborn.

BITTERMEATS do not care about humans. They wear no collars. Because of their body features they feel safe enough. They are quite uneducated but smart. Bittermeats and Fluffies do not interact too much, mostly because of the cultural barrier separating them.

“..never come back.. "

no home

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